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A Little Bit about the Owner

Grayson with her beloved Raga.

Hi there! I'm your Gretna neighbor and founder of DogMa Pet Care— Grayson White.

I'm a certified Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, and Caretaker. And I love all things dog!

My career began studying dog training and behavior. Midway through school, an event happened that forever changed my approach to pet care and helped harness my compassion for animals. My fearless hound Raga — who was with me through college, many moves, road trips, hiking adventures, band tours, and several trips back home to Louisiana — had a severe accident.

With only a few hours and not much solid information on the surgery, I had to make a huge decision about my sidekick's future. I knew the doctor was going to have to do spinal surgery; what I didn't know was that it would paralyze him. My dog pulled through surgery but was now incontinent and had no use of his back legs but still loved to fetch and play and chase the neighborhood cats. I made a commitment to myslef and to my dog to keep him happy until he let me know he was ready to be done. That commitment forever changed my life in sweet and wonderful way. 

Soon after his surgery, we moved across the country — from Nashville, TN to Portland, OR — and I delved into learning all that I could about rehab therapies, treatments, and ways to live with handicapped pets. I was fortunate to work with the country's leading vet rehab specialist. After the first few months, Raga and I had the hang of it. He would get in his cart and fetch, chase squirrels, play on the beach, and go rollerblading with me. Even though he couldn't walk or potty without help, he still had a great quality of life. I understand that this path isn't for every dog owner; it's a very personal decision and I respect all choices. Some dogs who are handicapped or have special needs shut down immediately and at that point, I do feel the respectful thing to do is let them go. But I will tell you that living with a determined special-needs/handicapped pet taught me volumes about life and brought me so much joy.

My passion has led to my calling and I feel grateful everyday that I am able to do what I love.